Extra Murals





Our Grade One and Grade Two soccer boys have really grown from strength to strength as the season has played out.
The Grade Ones have really progressed from bees attracted to the honey pot to now knowing what a defender, left and right wing" and mid-fielder is. Were still working on positioning though. Centre" and throw ins have created friendly squabbles in the boys enthusiasm to take part in the game.
The Grade Twos started off shakily but have developed into a well oiled machine, running the other teams through their paces.
Both sides have displayed both determination and tenaciousness. Sportsmanship prevailed even in times of defeat.
A quality that the coaches are very proud of. Bafana Bafana is their goal and Laduma their victory cry!



At Dinwiddie Primary the girls have the opportunity to play and
compete in Netball from U7 up to U13.
The U7, U8 and U9 girls play mini-netball and the U10 to
U13 girls play normal netball.
The girls are very eager and enthusiastic thus giving us the
opportunity to have A and B teams.
The girls attend practice twice a week and some of them practice
during breaks in order to improve their skills. Whatever the weather,
the girls are prepared to play a match and are always eager to give their best.
Besides the skills of the game the girls also learn good social
skills and sportsmanship.
We at Dinwiddie Primary School are very proud of our girls and
wish them well for the years to come.



The tennis season started once again and we entered two teams into the league.
Both boys and girls teams were very nervous before their first matches as it was the
first time some of the players participated.
The boys and girls teams made us very proud by winning both their first matches.
Well done and good luck for the rest of the season.



Our cricket has started with many promising players joining up for training.
An U11 ad U13 team was entered into the very competitive league.

Mini -Cricket
Mini-cricket is a very exciting activity at our school. Boys and girls from Grade 1 to Grade 4 participate
in this extra mural activity. We play friendly matches and participate in tournaments against other schools.
The children are enjoying themselves tremendously.
Mini-cricket is a wonderful way for boys and girls to practice the various skills required to play cricket later on.
It also gives the player the opportunity to improve ball skills and co-ordination.
We encourage as many learners as possible to participate as their ability to be a good team player as well as
their social and communication skills are being developed.



Commitment, dedication, perseverance one, but three qualities that an
athlete should pass even before beginning the quest to achieve accolade.
Physical fitness and stamina are by products of a driven athlete.
Our school athletics team displayed all these qualities on the road to
participating in the Inter Primary, held at the Germiston Stadium.
Unfortunately victory was not ours for the taking but individual athletes
provided their worth.


Computer Club
The DPS Computer Club, we aim to train these learners to be able to apply computers to its full right.
Courses are presented on different levels of competency and learners are encouraged to apply their newly
acquired knowledge and skills in their school projects and assignments.
We cater for learners from Grade 1 to 7, and learners progress from one level to the next during the course of each year. During these Computer Club sessions, learners are supervised and assisted by fully competent staff.
Learners on the first level start with basic commands and applications. As they progress, the levels become more skill orientated and learners finishing with the last level will be able to perform various tasks, from a full slide presentation on MS PowerPoint, a MS Word Document incorporating various formatting principles, MS Excel Spreadsheets, as well as applying various other applications. During the courses learners are also encouraged to access the internet for additional information, how to set up an email box, sending and receiving email as well as using resources provided by the internet. Formatting and Design in CorelDraw are also covered during the last level.




Judo, which means the Way of Gentleness, was specially created from traditional Japanese martial arts to be an ideal form of physical exercise and a reliable system of self-defence.
Judo, as an Olympic sport, has established itself as a popular extra-mural activity at Dinwiddie Primary. Participants are keen and turn out regularly and on time for training sessions. For them practising Judo brings many pleasures: the satisfaction of mastering movements, the joy of winning in competitions. Judo has also proven to be extremely beneficial to those who lack self-confidence.
Some of our parents have recognised the benefits of their childs participation in Judo and have started to get actively
involved in their childs progress and are seeking more training options for their children.
A number of our players now attend extra classes at club level. This is surely going to bring success.
With the support system of the school Judo is contributing towards the education and physical well being of our children.   Judo skill is something like Pandoras box, only in this case whoever prises the lid open can gain all kinds of rich rewards.




In the past year, the Modern dancing children completed their DanceCor exams and are now preparing for the
next set of exams to be held at the end of November.
The ballet and modern dancing students competed successfully in the dance festival this year.
We entered four items and achieved one third, one second and two first places.